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Punk and Grunge to Pantless Drunks

Wearing my highest of leather heeled boots to tower over the crowd.
I ventured to tonight’s gig.
Now I am a big punk fan, if the leather boots didn’t give that away, and Surrey’s punk scene is definitely lacking, so every time I go to a gig where the bands claim to be punk; I pour a little scepticism into my hip flask for good measure.
Because GOD DAMN IT POP-PUNK IS NOT REAL PUNK! Playing a progression GCEA- no matter how fast it is, it’s STILL NOT PUNK.
Now that that’s out of the way. The band to open were called Numbskull Action. They stormed the stage with papier-mâché masks in a slipknot-esque style.  Pretty decent. But that wasn’t what engaged me. The promoter of the event had been wasted all evening, and proceeded to dance wildly on-stage during Numbskulls’ set. As the music grew louder, the Danny DeVito look alike seemed to grow drunker, finally capping his personal performance by mooning the audience before getting thrown out of the venue. Definitely entertaining, but completely…

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